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A Transportation Note from your Magnet School

We ask for your patience as we ensure the safety of your


Please consider the following in these first few days of school:
In order to teach students transportation

routines and keep all students safe, please understand that buses MAY run late 45 minutes or more during the first week.

Please allow your student to come home from school the same way he/she went to school, if possible, so your student can get used to transportation procedures and to minimize any confusion; this also helps the school and the district plan.

Please ensure PRIOR to the start of the school year that any bus stop and contact information are updated with the school.

Please send your student to school with EXTRA water in case his or her bus ride is delayed or lengthened.

Please ensure that your student is aware that his/her bus ride may be slightly longer than usual for these first few days.

You can nd Magnet Bus Ramp locations and information on the transportation website:

www.sdhc.k12. .us/transportation
If other questions arise, contact your Magnet school, the Transportation Call Center at 982-

5500, or Magnet Transportation at 982-5533. Thank you and have a
wonderful year!