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Senior Banquet Information

The Hillsborough High School International Baccalaureate Senior Banquet honors the hard work, dedication, and achievement of the HHS IB Class of 2019. Graduates and their families are invited to this ticketed event, traditionally held during the month of May before commencement.

The 2019 Senior Banquet Committee, part of the IB Alliance, organizes all of the details surrounding this event from fundraising to catering starting the summer before the senior year. Many parents often wonder about the purpose, cost, and significance of the Senior Banquet. Listed below are the answers to frequently asked questions about the Senior Banquet. It is our hope that you will honor your student and the many hours of planning by our parent volunteers by choosing to be in attendance.

Sincerely, Lisa Joseph HHS IB Alliance Senior Class Vice President Jennifer Crisafulli HHS IB Alliance Senior Class Vice President

2019 HHS IB Senior Banquet Questions & Answers

What is the “IB Senior Banquet?

The Senior Banquet is organized by the IB Parent Association (IB Alliance Inc.) to honor the hard work and dedication of all graduating IB seniors. Graduates and their families are invited to attend this memorable event held each year on an evening before commencement. HHS teachers and administration, as well as school board members, also attend the Senior Banquet. This truly is the last hurrah for seniors to gather together in an informal setting that promotes social interaction throughout the evening as well as spending time with their teachers. The evening’s festivities include speakers, photo opportunities with each other as well as HHS faculty and administration, musical entertainment, a sit-down dinner, an opportunity for each student to share his/her university of matriculation, a memory book and a slideshow portraying the graduates ‘then and now’!

When and where is the Senior Banquet?

Friday, May 24th, 2019 Saint Lawrence Catholic Church, Higgins Hall 5255 N. Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

What should I wear?

The Senior Banquet is a dressy and dignified social affair, but it is not a formal occasion. Attire suitable for dining out at a nice restaurant would be appropriate for the banquet. Women might choose a dress, skirt, or dress pants. Men might choose a shirt and tie or jacket and tie with dress pants.

Why are you requesting baby and childhood pictures?

The baby and childhood pictures we collect will be used to create a slideshow DVD of the graduating Class of 2019. It is so much fun for the graduates and larger audience to see these photos as they are streamed throughout the evening! Along with the baby and childhood photos submitted by the parents, we also include senior yearbook photos. (NOTE: if you would like to use an alternative senior picture, please email the photo by the deadline and CLEARLY mark the photo as a substitute.) Please refer to the “Request for Baby and Childhood Photos” document posted on the website for more information. All emailed photos must be received by November 1, 2019. Please email pictures to We are asking for 100% participation, as we would like to have all 2019 graduates included in the slideshow. When will I receive my invitation? We plan to mail the formal invitation and response by February 1, 2019. The RSVP deadline will be April 1st. We encourage you to return the response card promptly in order to secure your preferred seating request. Please note that an invitation will be mailed to the student’s primary address only.

What is the cost to families?

Ticket prices will be determined by the results of our class fundraising opportunities.

Can I still Opt-Out of fundraising?

Yes, Go to, then go to the store and click on OPT-OUT. Alternatively, you can leave a check in the IB office. Please address the envelope SENIOR BANQUET. Your active and full participation in senior Opt-Out or fundraising directly affects the price of the banquet ticket.

How many tickets can I order?

Although we will monitor this closely, there is no limit at this time as the facility can accommodate a sizable banquet.

When will I receive my tickets?

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your RSVP and payment; however, banquet tickets will NOT be mailed to your home. You will receive your tickets at the Senior Banquet during registration.

How do I get to and from the 2019 Senior Banquet?

Most graduates travel by car with their families, but students may also arrange transportation for themselves. There is plenty of parking available.

What if my family or close friends cannot attend the banquet?

Graduates are most welcome and encouraged to attend the banquet even if their families cannot.

Will I be seated with my friends?

We ask for seating requests on the response card, and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. The earlier you return your RSVP, the better chance you have of your request being honored.

Is this really that important? Do people really attend this Banquet? I am so busy around graduation season and I don’t want another thing to do.

The Senior Banquet is perhaps more significant than graduation in the sense of honoring each individual in the IB senior class. The Senior Banquet is worthy of putting on your calendar as a “must do” event. As the oldest IB school in Hillsborough County, the Senior Banquet is a long-held tradition that is highly regarded, much like our alma mater and historic HHS. One of the unique aspects of being in the IB program is the camaraderie and close-knit community formed from such a small population of students 88.

Can I change my reservation?

All reservations are final. In the event that you have purchased tickets that you are no longer able to use, you can try to sell the tickets on your own.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact the Senior Banquet Committee Chairs for further information: Jennifer Crisafulli Lisa Joseph