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Senior Baby Pictures

To all HHS IB Class of 2019 parents,

Friday, May 24th will be here sooner than you know, that’s the date of our upcoming IB graduation dinner. As part of the celebration I will be preparing a slide show of baby/or childhood pictures of our graduates, so we can all see just how much they have grown up. Your help is needed to make this slideshow happen. To include your 2019 IB grad, I need parents to send me one baby picture of each student, no later than Thursday, November 1.

There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest is to attach a digital copy of your favorite baby picture to an email and send to Higher resolution pictures are always preferred, but almost any will do. If your favorite picture is a print, and you do not have access to a scanner, you can also take a picture of that print with your smartphone, then email to me.

Option number two is to actually mail me a picture, though that is not preferred. If you want to send a picture in the mail please send it to the IB Office c/o Senior Banquet.

Again, the deadline for submitting baby pictures is November. 1! Please make sure to include the name of your graduate with the picture so I can keep them in order.

Go Big Red, Lisa and Jennifer