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Rising Seniors

July 28, 2018

Congratulations on your IB student reaching the final year in the program!

The Class of 2019 senior year is on the horizon and as a family of just over 87 students who uniquely refer to themselves as Hillsborough IB, it is time to pool our resources of time, talent and treasure for a phenomenal 2019 IB Senior Banquet. It is a pinnacle moment and one in which we encourage 100% attendance. Our students deserve a spectacular celebration after the rigorous and grueling investment that only comes from a four-year marathon in the HHS IB Program. The Senior Banquet Committee, under the HHS IB Alliance, sponsors fundraisers to raise money toward the cost of the $25,000 banquet. As we receive zero funding from Hillsborough High School or Hillsborough School District, the Senior Banquet Committee relies solely on the support of our 2019 graduating families. With robust fundraising, we will be able to have all of the financial resources to secure the rental of the banquet venue, a deposit for the catering company, invitations, a commemorative program, decorations, entertainment, audio/visual services, teacher gifts, party favors, and complimentary tickets for IB administration, teachers & special guests. Even for a cause as noble as honoring IB seniors, some families bristle at the thought of multiple fundraisers. If so, the HHS Senior Banquet Opt-Out Program is perfect for families looking to donate directly to the Senior Banquet and “Opt-Out” of the traditional fundraisers throughout the school year. The recommended donation is $100.00 per student. Any amount above and beyond $100.00 that your family can comfortably provide is welcome and appreciated. As a parent of a 2019 Hillsborough IB graduate, we are asking for a commitment from your family as to how we can count on your support for the HHS IB Senior Banquet: through the opt-out option or as an active participant (using your time and talent) in the fundraisers. Many hands make light work.

Please understand that fundraising information will still come home with your student, but you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ve already financially supported the HHS IB Senior Banquet through the “Opt Out” Program. If you choose the HHS Senior Banquet Opt-Out program, please submit your check to the IB office please make it out to IB Alliance Inc., make your contribution online by visiting the IB Alliance website at Please note tickets will be sold to attend the banquet. The cost per person will depend on the amount of money raised through fundraisers and Opt-Out Program. It is our goal to keep this ticket prices affordable for all families. The district announces graduation dates in September. The date for the IB Banquet is May 24th, 2019 at Higgins Hall. Thank you for being an integral part of the HHS IB Alliance and Hillsborough High School! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Senior Vice Presidents, Jennifer Crisafulli or Lisa Joseph


HHS IB Senior Banquet Fundraising Chairs,

Jennifer Crisafulli and Lisa Joseph