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Donate to AB Scholarship

HHS IB Alliance announces the establishment of the Abhishek “AB” Taiwade Memorial Scholarship Award for Hillsborough High School seniors. The scholarship was created to honor AB’s memory and to motivate college-bound students to raise awareness of the signs of suicide by incorporating the ACT message (Acknowledge, Care, and Tell).

Those students who can prove that they demonstrate a commitment to promote awareness of suicide prevention in their community will be awarded a scholarship from the Abhishek “AB” Taiwade Memorial Scholarship Fund. Hillsborough High school seniors are asked to submit a narrative, script or artistic piece incorporating the Signs of Suicide® program message and demonstrating the significant role a friend has to take to help save a life.

Suicide is a serious public health problem that takes an enormous toll on families, friends, and classmates. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), suicide was the country’s 10th leading cause of death in 2013. After AB’s death, his parents, Atul and Kavita Taiwade, were left with a fierce determination to create something positive.

On behalf of AB’s family, the IB Alliance thought the best way to honor AB’s memory and celebrate his life would be to pass on his love of family and passion for hard work through educational scholarships for Hillsborough High School students. We expect scholarship recipients to fulfill their potential in higher education by using the lessons AB taught us: cherish one another, look to the future, and make the world

a better place. So that we can fund this scholarship for years to come, feel free to contribute to our mission by donating to the Abhishek “AB” Taiwade Memorial Scholarship Fund

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