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Examples of Activities: (not limited to what is listed)


Drama, Theater, Musical ensembles, teaching/tutoring activities, Writing Club, cheerleading, art workshops, jazz bands, youth symphony, guitar, dance performance, film production, bulletin board displays, photography, HELM, creative writing, Mu Alpha Theta, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, robotics


Swim Team, any Sports teams, Relay for Life, any charitable walks, Dance, Tennis, Track, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball, Golf, competitive sports programs, Beach clean-up,Recycling programs, Scout activities, Habitat for Humanity, Gardening with Environmental Club, School beautification/clean-up, robotics, cheerleading, summer camps


Tutoring, Nursing Homes, Veterans Hospital, Metropolitan Ministries, Hospital volunteer, recycling programs, beach clean up, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Homeless Shelters, IB Information Nights, Humane Society, Summer Camps, Red Cross, Helping in Cultural Festivals, Wildlife Refuge, Teen Court, Soup


CAS activities require interaction. If you assume a passive role rather than an active role, then no real value can be determined and no real reflection is possible. Below is a list which would NOT fit into the CAS criteria:

  •  An activity in which you are rewarded either financially or some benefit unless the benefit is passed on in full to a worthy cause.
  • Doing simple, tedious, and repetitive work—like returning library books to the shelves
  • Any class, activity, or project which is already part of the diploma program
  • All forms of duty with your family
  • Work experience that only benefits you—the student
  • Activities that cause division among different groups in the community or a religious devotion
  •  A passive pursuit, such as a visit to a museum, the theater a concert or sports event unless it clearly inspires work in a related activity in which you are already engaged.
  •  Any activity where there is no leader or responsible adult on site to evaluate and confirm your performance.

I acknowledge and understand the procedures for CAS including the requirements, approval procedure, and reflection procedure.

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